Downlight LED 85W

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All you need to know...

The fixture is available with different LED engines and complies with the USITT DMX 512A and ANSI RDM E 1.20 protocol standard





Our downlights generate a full colour spectrum of white, from sunlight to tungsten light from halogen bulbs. 

HALLED Series has the ability to transform the look and feel of a space by introducing a high quality white light, designed for a wide range of different applications such as Orchestra Shell, House, Working Spaces, Shop Windows, Malls, Museums, Exhibitions, Art Galleries but also TV studios, Cinemas, Theatres.

High efficiency, long lasting, innovative white light source, with separate power supply available with Dali or DMX control.


For our HALLED we choose the white light phosphor technology.
Especially in Theaters and Opera Houses, the fidelity of colors, skin tones of the actors and musicians and their very expensive equipment is the absolute must.
The white light phosphor technology is the only way you can generate a full color spectrum white like our sunlight or halogen light bulbs.
Thanks to this, the entire spectrum of colors visible to the human eye will be faithful to reality and also emphasized, depending on the visual result to be obtained.

HALLED Series is based on a highly effective natural thermal management system without fan and without noise: that means that each Downlight is absolutely silent with no buzzing or detectable RFI.

HALLED Series is the ideal solution for installations where silence, energy saving and maintenance cost reduction are key factors.

Choice between 8 and 16 bits, dimming takes place without visible stepping, flashes or flickers.

Within the intuitive menu you can choose between different dimming curves.

Furthermore, a special algorithm ensures that the color temperature remains constant during dimming.

The absence of heat load significantly reduces the risk of breakdowns. Moreover, especially in case of ceiling mounting, the electronic component will not exert any weight on the downlight itself, preserving its integrity.

Si tratta di una modalità di funzionamento per eliminare i disturbi di flickering, causati dal pilotaggio in PWM del LED, e i disturbi acustici, generati dai componenti elettronici.

Questa modalità è specificatamente indicata per applicazioni in studi TV o in camere acustiche dove è richiesta la massima silenziosità degli apparecchi l’assenza di flicker.

Thanks to its low power bright light in acoustic shells there is no risk to heat up the expensive instruments and scenery with dangerous IR and UV, keeping the musicians and performers comfortable on stage and increasing safety on stage. 

PSU 1×85 HRD XLR: alimentatore 1 unità, high resolution dimming module DMX via XLR connectors, wireless-ready

PSU 4×85 HRD SCR: alimentatore 4 unità, high resolution dimming module, DMX via screw-terminal connectors, wireless-ready

HAL MOL: set di molle per montaggio in cartongesso

In this version the DMX signal is transmitted via cable from the console (or splitter) to a transmitter which converts it into a radio signal which is transmitted again to a receiver mounted on the fixture. This solution is useful in those situations where the use of the cable is not possible or is not recommended for excessive distances.

Compatible with Multiverse ® by City Theatrical technology.

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