Conventional line


The Fresnel spot produces a cone of light that gives an even field of light with soft edges and allows accent lighting of almost any object without producing sharp contrasts between the surface being lit and the surrounding area.



  • TC MINI: filter frame
  • PL 4 MINI: 4D rotating barndoors
  • Lamp: CP 81
COM 25 F

COM 05 F

  • (on request)
  • Lamp 500W: M40-T18-CP82
  • Lamp 650W: T26-CP89
COM 25 F

COM 12 F

  • TC S12: filter frame
  • PL 4 U12: 4D rotating barndoors
  • Lamp 1000W: T19-CP70
  • Lamp 1200W: T29-CP90
COM 25 F

COM 25 F

  • TC S25: filter frame
  • PL 4 U25: 4D rotating barndoors

Movement systems

Light is also movement. For this reason we offer a wide range of custom solutions for DMX motorized and pole-operated systems. 

Our motorized systems can move any theatrical and television lighting appliances, SPOTLIGHT ® branded or made by other brands on market as well as smoke machines, laser-beam effects and video projectors, and more.

Yokes are designed for those who want to keep superior lighting performances of classical products, highly increasing using flexibility with a great saving of time in focusing and repositioning.

Per maggiori info, visitare la sezione Movimentazioni.

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